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One of the most anticipated golf tournaments Carlsberg Golf Classic once again was held at Bukit Unggul Country Club. This tournament took place on 5th September 2015 received a full participation including sponsors, members and guests teed off in the windy Saturday afternoon after sampled the Club’s welcoming lunch Chicken Rice.


Based on Strokeplay format of play, MD Khairul Sarbany, handicap 16 from Kelab Golf Seri Selangor claimed the Gross Champion with total of 74 strokes gross. This is followed by M Azmi Mahmud a 4 handicapper with 75 strokes gross. The 2nd runner up went to handicapper 9 Mazlan Khushimohud with total of 80 gross on count back.


Meanwhile, Mohd Nizam Jemiran, handicap 13 grabbed the Nett Champion with 67 strokes nett on count back. The 1st runner up went to Mohd Shukri Shamsudin, handicap 15 with 67 strokes nett on count back followed by handicapper 20 Lee Chee Hao with 67 strokes nett on count back.


The hole in one prizes consist of SHARP Big Aquos 80” LED TV worth RM25,999, Golf Package to Siem Reap Cambodia, Titoni timepiece and Carlsberg can beer. However there were no winner for these prizes.


The prize presentation ceremony was held at Eagle’s Loft Pool Side with a wide spread of western including a variety of cold cuts and local delights. Golfers also enjoyed the delicious roast lamb and Chicken Satay prepared by our in-house chef and free flow of Carlsberg beer for the drinkers.


All winners went back with handsome prizes and also lucky draws prizes. Most of them are full of spirits to return for the “challenge” again in the future




Gross Category

Position Name Handicap Results
Champion MD Khairul Sarbany 16 74 Gross
1st Runner Up M Azmi Mahmud 4 75 Gross
2nd Runner Up Mazlan Khushi Mohmud 9 80 Gross OCB
4th Placing ASP Anand 10 80 Gross
5th Placing Alun Satria Hashim 4 81 Gross OCB
6th Placing Low Meng Cgai 11 81 Gross
7th Placing Lee Kooi Ming 7 82 Gross


Nett category

Position Name Handicap Results
Champion Mohd Nizam Jemiran 13 67 Nett OCB
1st Runner Up Mohd Shukri Shamsudin 15 67 Nett OCB
2nd Runner Up Lee Chee Hao 20 67 Nett OCB
4th Placing Cheam Chip Weng 22 67 Nett OCB
5th Placing Alex Tee 24 67 Nett
6th Placing Shamsol Anuar 15 68 Nett OCB
7th Placing Ismail Din 18 68 Nett





Nearest To Pin

Hole 2 Sunny Lim 2.0 meter
Hole 7 Tung Kok Choy 2’3”
Hole 14 Alex Tee 2’2”
Hole 17 Alvin Augustine 7’0”


Nearest To Line

Hole 16 Kochiraman 1 mm


Longest Drive

Hole 9 Ken Wong 263.8 m