2nd Hole in One for Canadian Golfer living the life in Malaysia 2011

20th February 2011

I had just return to the our WIGS Weekly round, at Bukit Unggul after almost 4 months off due to back injury and medical treatment, only playing two (2) rounds in Dec, since Oct 2010. my return was highlighted on the 5th hole of play on the back-nine , hole  14, par 3, after a triple bogey on 13th, my thoughts was I need to par this, and a birdie would be nice. Using a 56 degree “Talyormade” wedge, handed to me by my long time caddie, Pevee, I teed up….nice easy swing and follow thru…the ball flight looked good, as noted by Ford ” looks good…right at the flag”; we saw the ball hit the green in front of the flag…bounced once; rolled forward and disappeared, it was a complete and utterly unbelievable watching the ball disappear. But as Ray Funnel (acting Chief W@nker, filling in for CW Tony Morris, who was away on holidays) said a “memorable” moment, shared my our threesome, Ford Inglis, Pal Pettersen, and caddies unfortunately Willie Kramheller couldn’t make it that morning…and one has to reflect…if he had ….would I have had the same results…??

Back at the clubhouse we sat and enjoyed the afternoon’s food and drinks just like every other Sunday for the past 4 years since I joined this group of golfers, named W.I.G.S. my 15 minutes of fame was pasted to the achievement of shooting his age, with an excellent round of 73 by John Laidley, (a fellow Canadian); that included 25 putts and 16 fairways.

What is especially nice about this HIO is that it’s my 2nd one, the first one was in 1987 the 2nd year I started playing, I was in an oilfield tournament in St. John’s Newfoundland, Canada….The 2nd one was as good as the 1st one.