It is the 4th year that Bukit Unggul Country Club had successfully organised its Mid Year Get Together Golf on the 22nd May 2017. This tournament was held a few days before the start of Ramadan and had attracted close to 100 participants.  Almost half of the participants that took part in the Monday morning game comprised of caddies from the host club and some of the popular clubs in the Klang Valley.

The General Manager May Wong thanked all the participants for their unwavering and continued support to the club. She quoted “My team and I are very happy to see many regular faces in the recent months and also the return of those who had not been playing here for years.” She continues “the positive feedbacks and suggestions had given my team and I the strength and motivation to continue further on the improvement on all aspects in the club”. She highlighted on the new interchange at Southville City which is a mere one-kilometre away that will surely make the journey to the Club very much more convenient.

Based on System 36/Stableford, Azahar Bin Mohamad, a 9 handicapper emerged as the Champion for the Men division with a total of 39 points. The 1st runner up went to Nor Faizal Rizal, handicap 12 ahead of his nearest competitor Andri Wandana, a caddy from SAASG, handicap 13 on count back. Both recorded with 38 points.

The defending champion for year 2015 Lia Novita Sari, a caddy from Bangi Golf Resort with a handicap 15 was crowned the Ladies Champion with 37 points. The 1st runner up went to Mery Christyna Tarigan, handicap 20 with 36 points OCB ahead of Purname Sari, handicap 23. Both are working as caddies at the host club and Bangi Golf Resort respectively.

The prize presentation ceremony was held at the Fairview Café with a wide spread of sumptuous buffet including Satay and a free flow of beer.

All winners went back with handsome prizes and lucky draws prizes including cash money and complimentary green fee vouchers from the sponsor clubs. Most of them are full of spirits to return for the “challenge” next year.




Men’s Division

Placing Winner & Handicap Results
Champion Azahar Bin Mohamad. H/C 9 39 points
1st Runner Up Nor Faizul Rizal, H/C 12 38 points OCB
2nd Runner Up Andri Wandana, H/C 13 38 points OCB
4th Placing Muhamad Nur Adli, H/C 13 38 points
5th Placing Amir Beno, H/C 3 37 points OCB
6th Placing Azhar Mohd Noor, H/C 10 37 points OCB
7th Placing Dato Amirudin, H/C 11 37 points OCB
8th Placing Ishwoa Bharati, H/C 15 37 points OCB
9th Placing Kama Rezmie, H/C 19 37 points
10th Placing MS Mano, H/C 12 36 points OCB
11th Placing Dicky Dani, H/C 13 36 points OCB
12th Placing Ayub Salleh, H/C 14 36 points OCB

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Ladies’ Division

Placing Winner & Handicap Results
Champion Lia Novita Sari, H/C15 37 points
1st Runner Up Mery Cristyna Tarigan, H/C 20 36 points OCB
2nd Runner Up Purnama Sari, H/C 23 36 points OCB
4th Placing Elza Mitra, H/C 23 36 points OCB
5th Placing Siti Munowara, H/C 23 36 points


20170522_141823 20170522_141904 20170522_141941 20170522_142018 20170522_142111 20170522_142218 20170522_142224






Novelty Event

Novelty Winner Results
Nearest To Pin – Hole 2 Hilzan Shah 7 ft.
Nearest To Line – Hole 16 Tony Morris 1.24 cm
Longest Line – Hole 9 Dicki Wandana 305 m


20170522_141610 20170522_141702

Lucky Draw Winners

20170522_150108 20170522_150023 20170522_145933 20170522_145834 20170522_145757 20170522_145705 20170522_145537 20170522_145409 20170522_144328 20170522_144357 20170522_144441 20170522_144623 20170522_144741 20170522_144813 20170522_145019 20170522_145304 20170522_144251


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Before Tee Off

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Flight Mates

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