Bukit Unggul Country Club ushered in the New Year and made a debut for its golf event on the 1st Saturday of the new year. The tournament was based on handicap of the day with Stableford format of play saw closed to 100 participants competing over an 18 holes golf.
10-handicapper Bow Manaff emerged as the A Medal champion with 39 points, one ahead of his nearest competitor Mej Mohd Nasir, handicap 12. The 2nd runner up went to Mohd Ghazali, handicap 10 with 37 points on count back.
Enddy Norhisham, handicap 19 grabbed the B Medal title with a score of 37 points edging runner-up Jamaluddin Samsuddin on count back. Norfaizul Rizal also scored 37 points but settled for third place after a count back.
The Prize presentation ceremony was held at the Club’s Eagle’s Loft poolside area. Participants were not only treated to attractive prizes and lucky draws but also a wide buffet spread including club’s popular specialty lamb rack, fish curry, briyani chicken, free flow of beer and many other local delicacies.
All winners went back with handsome prizes and all of them were given 3 cheers to mark the end of the event.


Mr Steven Hew and Ms May Wong with MEDAL A & B Winners Mr Ghazali, Mejar Nasir, Mr. Enddy Norhisham, Mr Jamaluddin and Mr Norfaizul

The Result..


Medal A

Placing Name & Handicap Results
Champion Bow Manaff, h/c 10 39 points
1st Runner Up Mej Mohd Nasir, h/c 12 38 points
2nd Runner Up Mohd Ghazali, h/c 10 37 points OCB
4th Placing Mohd Siddiq Osman, h/c 10 37 points OCB
5th Placing Mohd Hashim, h/c 10 37 points OCB
6th Placing Mohd Shukri Mustafa, h/c 13 37 points OCB
7th Placing Christian Schutt, h/c 14 37 points OCB

Medal B

Placing Name & Handicap Results
Champion Enddy Norhisham, h/c 19 37 points OCB
1st Runner Up Jamaluddin Samsuddin, h/c 19 37 points OCB
2nd Runner Up Norfaizul Rizal, h/c 20 37 points OCB
4th Placing Hj Zainuri Hj Abidin, h/c 22 37 points OCB
5th Placing Mohd Izuan Ismail, h/c19 36 points OCB
6th Placing Muhammad Irwan Mohamad, h/c 19 36 points OCB
7h Placing Noor Azrul, h/c 20 36 points OCB


Novelty Events

Nearest to Pin – Hole no. 2 Bow Manaff 16.5 ft
Nearest to Line – Hole no. 16 Zami Bin Mohd Nor 1’5”
Longest Drive – Hole no. 9 Muhamad Siddiq Osman 253.60 m



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